Eliminate The Overwhelm

Understand your options. Know you’re on track. Have one less thing to worry about.

How Can A Financial Planner Help?

Together we’ll create a custom financial plan for your specific needs and values. You’ll get a clear understanding of your overall financial picture and simple action steps to bring you closer to your goals.

But a written financial plan is just the beginning.

The magic happens over time – as your life evolves, we’re on the journey with you. You’ll have an ongoing thought partner to help you make decisions, a proactive guide to help prevent avoidable mishaps, and a trusty sidekick to keep everything organized and take things off your plate.

Just looking for a one-time plan? We can help with that too.

Here are the ways we can help you and your family thrive:

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Student Loan Repayment

Determine the best repayment plan for your situation – SAVE, PAYE, RePAYE, IBR, or refinance to a lower interest rate. Stay on top of Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) requirements. Understand the tax impacts of your approach. Eliminate student loan stress for good.

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Tax Strategy & Planning

Use savvy tax-saving strategies to keep more of your hard-earned dollars. Plan ahead to avoid surprises at filing time. Coordinate with your tax preparer to prevent mistakes – saving you time and money. Minimize total lifetime taxes paid with long-term planning.

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Planning for Retirement

Map out a realistic savings plan to make sure you’re on track to reach financial independence. Optimize the use of 401k, 403b, 457b, Roth IRA, and other tax-advantaged plans. Learn about lesser-known tactics like using a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Backdoor Roth IRA.

wind farm wind turbines to represent sri investing sustainable energy investing

Values-Aligned &
Tax-Efficient Investing

  • Use a low-cost, evidence-based, tax-efficient investing strategy driven by your goals and needs.
  • Learn investment fundamentals and key financial terms, because knowledge is power.
  • Explore the range of sustainable investing options to understand their theories of change and build a portfolio that aligns with your values without sacrificing returns.
  • Support shareholder advocacy, reduce your investment exposure to things such as weapons, private prisons or fossil fuels as desired, and understand the impact of your investments.
  • As appropriate, consider off-Wall Street, community investments with a portion of your portfolio to support things such as lending in low-income communities of color, regenerative agriculture, affordable housing, and more.
woman with newborn baby in hospital to represent financial planning for life events

Budgeting for
Life Events

Save up for a home renovation. Plan for fertility and childcare costs. Support family members in need. Build an emergency fund to protect yourself and your family. Take that international trip. Buy an electric car. Know where your money goes. Spend freely on what brings you joy.

group of high school senior studying for the ACT college educational savings

College Fund

Balance college savings with other financial goals. Compare 529 plans with custodial UTMA accounts to decide which is best for you.  Learn how income and assets are reflected on the FAFSA and CSS Profile and strategies for grandparents who want to help pay for higher ed.

receptionist at dental office medical private practice optimize employee benefits


Compare health insurance options through your employer, COBRA, self-employment, or the Marketplace. Consider an HSA plan. Make the best use of your workplace benefit options such as a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), disability insurance, or emergency childcare.

multi-racial family touring a home with their real estate agent.

Home Buying &
Renovation Decisions

  • Determine how much home you can afford while balancing other spending and savings goals. 
  • Weigh the costs and benefits of renting vs. buying
  • Compare home loan features to know what’s right for you—physician mortgages, 15- vs. 30-year, points, private mortgage insurance (PMI), and more. 
  • Consider possible funding sources for your home renovation to decide which is right for you. 
  • Learn helpful tips for every step of the home buying process—finding a realtor, shopping for mortgages, and more.
  • Strategize rental property investing decisions. 
young female doctor with stethoscope and lab coat


Negotiate your physician contract like a pro. Consider a career pivot and explore your options to avoid burnout. Strengthen your interviewing and salary negotiation tactics.  Build the ever-elusive work-life balance into your fulfilling position. Get paid what you’re worth.

racially diverse family to represent estate planning


Think through key questions before drafting estate documents with an attorney, saving you time and legal fees. Understand what your will, trust, or other documents actually say to make sure they are aligned with your wishes. Give your loved ones the peace of an organized plan.

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Explore tax-efficient charitable giving strategies to optimize your tax savings and make a bigger impact. Develop a personal giving plan to feel more organized and intentional. Get ideas and inspiration from others. Support causes that matter to you and create your legacy.

woman-owned business female business owner at desk reviewing finances

Money Mentorship
for Business Owners

  • Understand different business structures (LLC, S-corp, etc.) from a legal and tax perspective and decide which is right for you.
  • Protect yourself with proper insurance, separate banking accounts, and organized systems.
  • Strategize business decisions with an objective thought partner.
  • Stay on top of quarterly estimated taxes and make effective use of business tax deductions.
  • Set up a retirement savings plan like a SEP IRA, Solo 401k, SIMPLE IRA or 401k to maximize your tax-advantaged retirement contributions.
  • Streamline your record-keeping to save time, minimize stress, and ensure a profitable, sustainable business.
woman at desk with credit cards reviewing debt strategy and debt management

Debt & Credit

Use debt wisely as a tool for wealth creation and building credit. Consider whether to refinance your mortgage as interest rates change. Strengthen, protect and monitor your credit score. Pay down high-interest credit cards with a strategy that works for you.

paper cutout of family, house, and car under umbrella to represent insurance policy review


Find the right amount and type of disability, life, long-term care, home, auto, and umbrella insurance to financially  protect your loved ones. Evaluate current policies to make sure they’re optimal. Or shop for new coverage with help to ensure you are only sold the features you need.

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Take control of your finances. Explore ways to combine finances as a new couple, or feel comfortable talking about money with your partner. Uncover deep-seated money scripts, ditch limiting beliefs about money, and build the secure, abundant lifestyle you deserve.

Financial Planning

$ 700-3,200* Quarterly Flat Fee
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning with 1-on-1 Mentorship + Optional Investment Management
  • $1,000-2,000 Up-Front Fee +
    Quarterly Fees Based On Complexity

Financial Planning

$ 400-6,400 Project-based Fee
  • $3,200-6,400 Financial Snapshot
    + Custom One-Time, Self-Implemented Financial Plan
  • $400-2,400 Focused-Question
    Virtual Financial Planning Consultation

I'm a fiduciary, flat fee,
fee-only financial planner.

What does that mean? It means that my pricing is simple and transparent. The only compensation I receive is what you pay me directly for comprehensive financial guidance.

Financial Planning

$ 700-3,200* Quarterly Flat Fee
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning with 1-on-1 Mentorship + Optional Investment Management
  • $1,000-2,000 Up-Front Fee +
    Quarterly Fees Based On Complexity

Financial Planning

$ 400-8,800 Project-based Fee
  • $3,600-8,800 Financial Snapshot
    + Custom One-Time, Self-Implemented Financial Plan
  • $400-2,400 Focused-Question
    Virtual Financial Planning Consultation

*For folks with net wealth over $5M, higher fees apply.

A single medical resident might pay ~$1,000 up front + $700/quarter 

• A couple or single business owner making ~$250k might pay $2,000 up front + $1,400/quarter

• A mid-career couple making ~$500k might pay $2,000 up front + $2,000/quarter

• A business-owner couple making ~$800k might pay $2,000 up front + $3,200/quarter

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